‘Innovation and Conservation’: a free one day conference

Saturday June 10, 2017. 10:00 am4:00 pm

at Prendergast Hilly Fields College

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This event has now taken place.

A different webpage is under construction, which will feature audio recordings of the event.

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Brockley Conservation Area was designated in 1974, under the ‘Civic Amenities Act 1967’ which first made provision for such Conservation Areas. The Brockley Society (which was inaugurated in the same year) is proud to celebrate the Act’s 50th anniversary with a one-day conference entitled ‘Innovation and Conservation’.

The event is free, aimed at local residents, and hopes to increase awareness and understanding of how to protect and enhance conservation areas through good design. This can be achieved by both protecting what we have and, where opportunities arise, creating innovative solutions.

The conference aims to discuss a broad range of relevant themes, including:

  • conservation areas today
  • exemplar schemes
  • feasibility and design potential and how to make them happen
  • the legacy of conservation

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The programme includes the following:

Keynote speakers:

  • Laura Sandys (Vice President of ‘Civic Voice’ and daughter of Duncan Sandys who introduced the Civic Amenities Act 1967): “Why the Civic Movement is so important” followed by Q&A with the audience
  • Duncan McCallum (Policy Director, Historic England): “The present state of Conservation Areas”  followed by Q&A with the audience
  • Nicholas Boys-Smith (of ‘Create Streets’):How to make streets beautiful and popular: could Lewisham Way be a British boulevard?” followed by Q&A with the audience

Case Studies

  • Rhys Cannon (of Gruff Architects): 47 Breakspears Road
  • Paul Russell (of Russell + May): Zoom Nursery, 289 Lewisham Way
  • Eryka Isaak and Charles Coull (of CSC.A): 4 Ashby Mews
  • Murray Groves and Adriana Natcheva (of Groves Natcheva). “What is good Architecture? – the case of Cedar Mews”
  • Jon Broome (specialist in self-build who worked with Walter Segal and on Hilly Fields Café) together with Sarah Ernst (of Architype and RUSS)
  • Zean Mair-MacFarlane (Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust alumnus studying for his Part III at Lincoln University and working part-time at Shared Architecture)
  • Doug Evans (of Thomas Ford & Partners)
  • Tristan Wigfall (of alma-nac): “From Trial to Tribute at 10 Tressillian Crescent”

You can view and download the full schedule for the day here.

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In advance of the event, you can read more about the guidelines the Brockley Society has tried to promote on our Conservation Area ‘Advantages and Responsibilities‘ page. It includes links to Lewisham Council’s 2005 Brockley Conservation Area “Character Appraisal”: a well-produced and thorough assessment of the area’s history and built environment which you can also access here:

In 2007 a ‘Supplementary Planning Document’ was also published, which summarised the requirements of any structural property redevelopment within the area.